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Search technology to create

excellent shopping experience


Relevant matching

Provide only relevant search experience, even if a search query is found in many different categories.
By building custom solutions, we perform advanced data processing,
that makes customer’s data clean, consistent and ready for relevant search.


bad search experience


Custom stemming for different languages

Understand words written in any case and form to generate the highest possible conversions. Talented SearchNode engineers constantly develop and improve custom NLP algorithms.

Advanced Analytics and Reports

Make informed and data-driven decisions. We provide intelligent analytics reports, merge and optimize similar queries so it would be super easy to read & analyze data. No more confusing data.

Catch trending products early and react fast. Optimize marketing campaigns, set the right pricing and prepare for the buzz of trending products.

see what’s Trending

learn what’s Underperforming

know what’s Popular

AI-powered smart merchandising

Take control of your search by applying business rules and automating search results ranking.

Automate seasonality

It’s not a surprise, that different seasons or events influence users needs. Ranking algorithms constantly track users behavior and early on catch trending products to adjust search ranking and find only relevant products on top.

Maximize profit margin

Merchandising gives eCommerce business an ability to boost specific products, brands or categories on top. That helps you to promote products with the highest profit margin and maximize it or move stock if that becomes a business goal.

Optimize conversion rate

Different products have different conversion rate optimization mechanisms: discount, free shipping, featured product label, special offer label, and others. Our algorithms combine them to achieve optimal conversion rate.

Custom ranking algorithms

SearchNode is built for eCommerce business, therefore, our search experts are always ready to apply your data for the best possible search experience.


Automated search assistant

Prevent user from leaving the site by pro-actively assisting during search experience. SearchNode tracks each user’s searching journey and intelligently offers alternative products to maximize conversion.


Contextual filters

Enhance search results with dynamic facets and filters. Advanced automation algorithms analyze the context of each search query and select only relevant filters and facets. If users search for shoes, we don’t want to show the type of TV for them, right?



Instant search experience begins even before users hit the search button. Custom designed Autocomplete suggests relevant keywords, as well as best matched products, even before users finish typing search query.


A/B testing for data-driven improvements

SearchNode easily integrates with any A/B testing and experimentation tools, which you already use. By testing different algorithms and hypotheses, we can find what works best with your unique data. Discover the power of scalable search improvements, driven by real data.


Personalized shopping experiences

Personalization efforts should be aligned across all channels, which is why SearchNode seamlessly integrates with the most excellent personalization tools. Provide your users with more intimate experiences by automatically recognizing customer intent, so that they would be one click away from the products they most likely desire.

Endlessly self-learning even when you sleep

Advanced SearchNode algorithms constantly track users behavior, catch trends, apply advanced machine learning algorithms and adjust search experience to maximize sales.

But technology is not enough without a human touch

Every eCommerce site search has a unique formula between 2 main variables: products' data & users' behavior. Powerful search technology is a must, but it should be trained and prepared for every specific eCommerce company to reach the most relevant experience. Our team of search experts develops flagship search solutions for every of our client.

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