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AI Search Platform
  • Advanced natural-language-processing
    (NLP) algorithms
  • Endlessly self-learning and improving
  • Deliver natural search experiences
Go Beyond Universal Search Solution
  • We provide you with AI Search Platform and Search Experts team
  • They build a custom solution, adapted specifically to your business goals & needs
  • This creates the most relevant search experiences, optimized for maximum revenues
Learn how leading DIY retailer Castorama increased conversions from site search by +24% immediately after implementing SearchNode
Fully Automated
  • We build tailor-made automation solutions, based on AI
  • This way search and merchandising teams are free from time-consuming manual tasks
  • Automation allows you to earn more by working smarter, not harder
Learn how premier sporting goods retailer Decathlon saved lots of time, effort and money, by automating site search with SearchNode
Experience Never-Ending Growth
  • Our Search Experts solve issues on the algorithmic level, resulting in a pattern of issues being fixed, rather than one problem
  • New features are built by client requirements independently from SearchNode core product roadmap
  • Constant experimentation ensures that your search is always optimized for the continuous growth of business results
Learn how best DIY retailer in Belgium, Hubo, enjoys growing results from continuous search improvements, carried out by SearchNode search experts
"With SearchNode, we were able to switch from a manual and time-consuming solution to a comfortably automated, faster, and conversion-optimized site search engine. This allows us to focus more on other aspects of the business, rather than tirelessly configuring site search. Working with SearchNode is easy, and we don't need full-time managers to handle search."
Marcin Jablonski, Digital Director at
"What initially impressed us with SearchNode, was its ability to fix many similar search issues with one improvement in our algorithms. Before them, we spent a lot of time repairing our search by hand, just to keep it up to date, which was costing us lots of money, time, and resources. SearchNode provided us with automation, relevance, and growing results - precisely what we want in site search."
Marc Henkens, Ecommerce Manager at
"SearchNode has saved countless hours of time as well as the need to hire additional employees to manage and monitor the search results. There's no need for constant hand-holding - the Al and machine learning algorithms continue to improve over time and even though the relevancy is very good, it just keeps getting better."
Stanislaw Krolikowski, Project Manager at
"Together, we've solved a problem where one brand wanted to appear special in a search, unlike everyone else. When we started working with Search Node, there was a significant increase in search usage on our page and conversion from search sessions. Effective cooperation, good product, good results. "
Odeta Kručkienė, Project Manager,
"SearchNode helps us establish, maintain and operate our search engine on our site. Problems we solve derive from the aforementioned such as search engine functionality, search engine results page punctuality and search results not found. The best thing is their expertise and professionalism in handling all your projects. Our collaboration with SearchNode has been and is valuable, functional and growing. "
Erik Fairfield, RM & Digital Marketing Specialist, Public & Mediamarkt Greece
Express Solution
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We want small businesses to take advantage of the enterprise-level search product. Launch fast and focus on other priorities while conquering the market.

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