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SaaS meets innovative custom development

We are a team of search experts who develop flagship search solutions for big eCommerce companies. By combining SearchNode SaaS technology and extensive experience in the search industry, we reach incredible search experience and ROI.

So basically there are 3 ways of developing perfect eCommerce search experience. Let's review them

Develop it in-house

You are able to build a fully customized search product by going deep into powerful open-source technologies. However, you need to hire a full-time search team of senior engineers and search experts, give them a year or two and take risks of an end result.

Use SaaS product

You get already built search product with the ability to configure search basics: boosts, synonyms, campaigns, etc. However you are not able to go deep into the product and customize it as with open-source technologies, also you need full-time engineers and search specialists to integrate it, manage it and improve it. You can get pretty good search experience, but not the perfect one and you still need full-time people for that.

You get a SaaS product with fully customized and prepared search solution for your business. SearchNode engineers spend weeks (sometimes months) building a custom solution and going deep into algorithms, tailor-made for every client and continuously improve it after launch with the data-driven process.

Scalable search improvements

Hardcoding is not how we work. Once we identify a possible improvement in the client's search, we strategize and improve algorithms of the search engine or client's data processing to fix a whole pattern thousands of queries. Therefore synonyms or redirects are the last options, as they solve just 1 case.

Machines still need engineers

AI is powerful, however, it still needs humans' directions as eCommerce business are very different. Our search engineers connect your data, user behavior, business objectives and create super-accurate search algorithms.

No engineers needed

Our engineers work for weeks by building a custom solution, but the client needs only 5 minutes to implement a final solution without the need for an engineer. In addition, we maintain the whole infrastructure and guarantee 99.99% annual SLA with extremely fast search experience.

Enjoy growing sales

Excellent search experience is a money generating machine. Users who use search have 3x higher purchasing intent. By continuously improving client's search solution, even a 4% uplift in conversion rate every quarter is a lot of additional money. We maximize that.

Let us quickly walk you through a process of how we build and continuously improve your potential search

We plan your search experience

SearchNode search experts meet the client's team to kick-off the project. We talk over the process, expectations, outcomes and next steps.

Identifying problems
Setting goals
Business objectives

We build your search experience

Data processing is a key to success

Well processed data connected to search technology guarantees excellent search relevancy. SearchNode search engineers strategize the best possible architecture for every eCommerce website, create algorithms and configure processing rules to optimize data for search.

We convert messy or poorly structured data into the organized structure by identifying
patterns. No more misleading search results.
We automate processes so there is no human touch needed. Advanced data
processing works by itself.
We clean, structure and optimize data so well, that search will understand even long-tail
complex queries e.g. asus 16gb ram gaming laptop. Instant conversion boost!

Data analysis

We write custom algorithms for your data which optimize it.
We extract beneficial information out of product descriptions and etc.

We even build UI of your search experience

Visual “look & feel” of search results, filters navigation and autocomplete are designed and built by talented SearchNode front-end engineers.

By applying the best eCommerce practices, client’s needs and website’s styles we build highly converting search experience.

Quick implementation: JS code
Fast search
Highly converting UX

We apply your business objectives

By working with your team we'll define and implement intelligent search ranking algorithms so users would purchase more products that you want. SearchNode will even understand seasonal products. We also recommend starting off with 2 or 3 configurations and A/B test the best one. We'll cover that.

We automate processes
Maxime business objectives
No hardcoding or technical debt

You go live

You implement 1 line of JS code and Voilà! We are live delivering your users' incredible search experience and driving conversions.

We start a process of continuous search improvements with the help of AI

We dedicate X hours per month of search experts (engineers, analysts, product managers) who will be working on improving your search. The scalable and data-driven process will maximize your conversions and polish search experience continuously!

Analyzing user behavior.
Identifying patterns.

Implementing and improving algorithms

Measuring results and ROI.
Optimizing solution.

You get access to back-office to always track the progress of SearchNode team, prioritize tasks and communicate with us.

Focus on other priorities. We cover search.

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