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We know how hard it is to bring excellent content to life. It’s even harder not to let it drown in the sea of the content. Users often get lost, trying to find the content they love.

Creating great content is not enough – it still needs to be found by users. Content discovery is no longer just a simple query based on what the user typed. It’s much more complex and contextual than ever before, and it evolves every day.

It’s so hard to get it out there, isn’t it? The biggest disappointment is that sometimes it cannot be discovered even when the user is directly searching for it, simply because the search box doesn’t work right.

That’s completely not fair. After all, those users, who come and search for content, already know what they want to see. Your content deserves to be noticed, and you deserve to have happy, engaged, and loyal users, who will come back for more.

Don’t stress just yet. We can help to make your content discoverable.

How We Can Help

All-In-One Search Solution

SearchNode is the ultimate search solution for content generating sites, who want to optimize their on-site search, for maximum revenue. We cover everything search related – from the UI & UX of search, to analytic reports, providing a valuable insights about your users’ searching trends. SearchNode provides a state-of-the-art search experience.

The Most Relevant Search Results

SearchNode has the right technology to build a perfect search. By using sophisticated NLP (Natural-Language-Processing), AI, semantic, and ranking algorithms, we help companies to make their content discoverable. More relevant search results leads to increase in users’ engagement and loyalty.

Your Business Partner​

Our product is combined of a powerful search engine technology and solution developers, highly skilled in search. Unlike usual SaaS search vendors, we work on each client search individually, not just provide them with a generalized API. SearchNode developers adapt search algorithms to meet the client’s business and language specifics, provide custom-ranking algorithms, optimize long-tail queries, and make data-driven improvements.

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We Search It All

Any data. Any Structure. Any Platform. Powerful SearchNode search engine can make any piece of content discoverable.


Increase your pageviews, and readers engagement, by presenting the most relevant stories. Our search understands search queries in any language or its form and presents results based on rich data from users behavior.

User Generated Content

Bring your content discovery to the next level, by empowering user generated content. Our search solution crawls all content of your website, and is able to understand a broader context of users’ queries. Start exploiting your community forums, FAQ pages, reviews, and all the other UGC.

Images & Videos

Our intelligent search engine, enriched with AI, can recognize exact objects in pictures and videos, and match it with the search query in no time. Empower your visual content with SearchNode.


Improve the discoverability of your audio content. SearchNode algorithms find the right data and pair it with search queries. With our custom ranking solution, you will be able to push your best content up.

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