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Ecommerce trends 2020
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We went straight to the source – we asked leaders from top eCommerce companies globally, which trends they are most likely to watch, embrace, and implement to their businesses. Dig into what’s top-of-mind for eCommerce industry leaders for 2020: seize future opportunities and conquer growth barriers!

Business focus of
top eCommerce companies

Tactics to consider
for 2020

Upcoming eCommerce
technology trends

About the survey

This is a global initiative, created by SearchNode Inc., to help retailers to prepare their businesses for the upcoming years. Summarized data will be publicly available for everyone free of charge in a form of eBook, to guarantee transparency.

  • Research method: quantitative, using an online survey
  • Sample size: around 5000 decision-makers* from the biggest and fastest-growing eCommerce companies from all around the world
    *The final number of respondents will be announced after the end of the survey
  • Data collection period: 10th of October – 29th* of October
    *Please, keep in mind that the deadline to fill the survey was extended to the 29th of October, due to the high interest. 
  • Full anonymity is guaranteed for all of the respondents
  • The research aims to collect insightful information, about the future trends of the eCommerce industry
  • The survey consists of various questions, covering the most important and progressive topics in the eCommerce industry
  • This survey is run by SearchNode Inc. under the supervision of its CEO Antanas Baksys

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