Ecommerce Site Search That Converts: Definitive Guide for 2020 - SearchNode

Guide for mastering your eCommerce site search in 2020

Created by our search experts for eCommerce professionals. Discover what it takes to have a highly converting search.

what you'll learn:

  • How to decide which site-search technology is the right fit for your eCommerce website
  • What are the fourteen hottest site-search best practices for 2020
  • How to growth hack your conversions using four steps framework
  • How to become a master of search merchandising (searchandising)
  • What are the latest technologies completely changing site-search

We'll walk you through the leading site search best practices, trends, and growth hacks

  • Around 30% of all your site visitors will use search
  • 25% of them will click on a search suggestion
  • Visitors, who use search, can generate around 30-60% of ALL revenues
  • Also, they are 5-6 times more likely to convert

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