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Boost Conversions & Profits With AI-Enriched Site Search

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Next Level Of Search Relevance

Our advanced NLP algorithms understand even the most complex search queries in 32 languages.​


Custom relevance algorithms accurately understand your product data and enrich it to provide shoppers with only relevant results.​


AI search engine continuously analyzes user behavior, improves results, and learns synonyms.

AI-Powered Smart Merchandising

AI optimizes search results according to your merchandising strategies to maximize business results.​


Use A/B and offline testing to experiment with different strategies for optimal results.


Reduce manual work and make merchandising scalable by using our intelligent merchandising automation solutions.

Discover Continuous Growth

As we build tailor-made solutions on top of the core product for each client, search can be continuously improved on the algorithmic level and new eCommerce search features can be built by client requirements independently from SearchNode core product roadmap.

We work together with clients on identifying nonperforming search areas and generating ideas for new features and search improvements. Continuous improvement process ensures that eCommerce search engine is always optimized for constant growth of business results.

Growth Results With SearchNode
CTR growth year after launch
from sessions with search
“SearchNode is a vital part of user experience and business growth. With SearchNode, we were able to switch from a manual and time-consuming solution to a comfortably automated, faster, and conversion-optimized site search engine. This allows us to focus more on other aspects of the business, rather than tirelessly configuring site search. Working with SearchNode is easy, and we don’t need full-time managers to handle search.”
Marcin Jabłoński,
Digital Director at

Advanced Ecommerce Technology


Provide Relevant Autocomplete
Suggestions Instantly

Intelligent autocomplete suggests relevant products, categories, and custom content, perfectly matching users’ intent instantly. 


Enhance Results With
Dynamic Facets & Filters

Advanced automation algorithms analyze the context of each query and select only relevant eCommerce product filters & facets.


Any Query

Custom stemming and NLP algorithms make sure that words written in any form, and in all languages are understood.


Create Personalized
Search Experiences

Provide your users with more intimate experiences by automatically recognizing
customer intent.

Assist Users

Prevent users from
leaving the site with reasonable offers of alternative products to maximize conversion.

Experience Ultrafast
Ecommerce Search

We create high-speed  search experience, by ensuring that any search query is analyzed and results are displayed in a split second.

Launch in a matter of weeks

Our search solution is purely focused on eCommerce, which is why we can deliver excellent site search solution, in a short period of time. The implementation needs only minimum engineering effort from the clients’ side, as the solution is built buy experiences SearchNode engineers. Enjoy effortless and fast implementation!

Advanced Ecommerce Site Search Solutions


Manage Your Resources Efficiently

We don't provide just a shiny eCommerce search product but also successful processes and experienced team of search experts - engineers, product managers, and analysts, meaning that your engineers will need to spend less time on the site search. We also take care of infrastructure maintenance and provide exceptional support.


Make Data-Driven Decisions

Our intelligence engine automatically analyzes user behavior and detects nonperforming site search areas, learns synonyms and reports you search trends and most important metrics.

Enjoy AI-Powered Merchandising

Automate your merchandising efforts with custom ranking algorithms that automatically adjust results to achieve optimal conversion rates. This way, your merchandisers will spend less time on customizations, as it will be automatically done by AI.

Reduce The Amount of Manual Work

We completely eliminate the need of repetitive manual  adjustments, as everything is fully automated, scalable,  and driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Increase in Conversion Rate
from sessions with search
“SearchNode has saved countless hours of time as well as the need to hire additional employees to manage and monitor the search results. There’s no need for constant hand-holding — the AI and machine learning algorithms continue to improve over time and even though the relevancy is very good, it just keeps getting better.”
Stanislaw Krolikowski
Project Manager at

Powerful, Resource-Efficient &
Scalable Enterprise-Level Search

Enterprise-level search should go beyond one-size-fits-all solutions and features. Which is why we developed a unique approach in the eCommerce site search market of linking powerful  SearchNode AI search platform with custom algorithms individual to each eCommerce business specifics and needs.

This allows retailers of any size to have genuinely fast and relevant search experiences, optimized to maximize revenues, on any device or platform.

We empower our clients with search experts, and robust yet easy-to-use eCommerce site search tools, reducing manual work and search maintenance. Our intelligent algorithms ensure that search doesn’t hang back and scales together with your business.

Leading eCommerce enterprises trust us, and keep working together on continuous improvements to turn eCommerce site search to a powerful tool for their business growth strategy.

Best Possible Search Experience

Let's Discuss How SearchNode Can Help Your Business

4.6 Average Score
On G2 Crowd
“Full service – everything is done from A to Z. All I needed to do was sending data-feed , explanation of fields, and acceptance of front end and way of working. Before we had to do any correction by ourselves, without special knowledge about search engines. Now Search Node is not doing corrections, that works for week or two, but they are doing fine tuning, so it is working correctly for a long time.”

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